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TBP Ventures™


TBP Ventures™ is our venture capital arm and may even provide project financing to start-ups as well as expansion capital to established businesses we believe are on the precipice of accelerated growth.

Our experience includes concept-to-retail product development in addition to shopping channel, offline and online retail distribution.

We don’t just provide capital; we also provide our clients keen insights to help them grow their businesses.

Comprised of veteran problem solvers, business development, marketing and licensing specialists, technology inventors as well as product, service and brand creators, the team at TBP™ is here to help whether you are an established company looking to catalyze new growth strategies or just starting out with a new product idea sketched on the “back of a napkin.”

Working with major shopping channels among other outlets TBP™ gets its clients valuable exposure without the crippling costs associated with a nationwide or even international advertising campaign.

Once our client’s products are “seen” our goal is to harness that awareness by making it as simple as possible for consumers as well as “buyers” for online retailers as well as major retailers to find and purchase these “seen” items that have already attained “on air” status.

Coupled with experienced sales representatives, each of whom has extensive relationships with traditional television shopping, online and offline retail channels, our primary goal is to assist both product inventors as well as more established manufacturer clients in maximizing the potential for their wares.

In many cases once we contract with a product inventor or manufacturer client, large or small, we will begin assisting them with their retail distribution strategy, web presence and the streamlining of their logistics including warehousing and fulfillment services.

TBP™ is able to act as a single point-of-contact for our clients’ domestic as well as global expansion efforts as it relates to e-commerce, mobile commerce, retail sales and garnering international exposure.

With TBP™ as their single point of contact this can save our product inventors and manufacturer clients considerable overhead costs, personnel costs, technology development and advertising costs.

Our goal is to help our clients break through the clutter of today’s advertising overload and corresponding consumer desensitization and reach consumers in engaging ways utilizing various methodologies we have developed over the years and leveraging the latest social networking platforms specific to a client’s targeted demographics.

All of our strategies have one common objective: create awareness for our client’s products, optimally in a cash-positive manner, but at the very least to help offset the costly financial burden associated with a national ad buy and, in some cases with truly breakthrough products, an international advertising campaign.



  • Product Prototype Development & Underwriting
  • Brand Development, Brand Audits & Brand Extensions
  • Launch Strategies & Product Marketing Support
  • Market Research & Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Strategic Planning, Alliances &  Partnerships
  • Seed, Series A and Series B Venture Capital
  • Receivable Financing
  • Intellectual Property-secured finance
  • IP litigation support and rights enforcement
  • Identification of Acquisition Targets & potential Acquirers
  • Television Shopping Channel-based distribution
  • Securing Product Endorsements & Sponsorships
  • Public Relations Initiatives
  • Licensor Representation & Licensing Agent Services
  • Joint Venture & Licensing Agreement Negotiation
  • Direct-to-Consumer Mobile & Web Development (Domestic & International)
  • Direct-to-Retailer Mobile & Web Development (Domestic & International)
  • Direct-to-Wholesaler Mobile & Web Development (Domestic & International)